What Are the xTools ?

xTools are scripts or plug'ins for Maya .
I hope you will find then useful and that they will help you work faster .



iconContextMenu are evolution of the Xumi ContextMarkingMenu .

now the menu Items are Icons ,it also add many new features !!

Stand Alone verison now Available !!.

Have a look to the Documentation While you are Downloading them ;)

thanks to peaple who tested the scripts and send feedback .

A special Thanks to Orde Stevanoski

for helping me making the icons and doing great test of Xumi through its Dev.

Xumi 1.9 and xPolyTools 0.65

See a screen Shoot (250Ko !!)

note :

MMB ->Middle Mouse Button

RMB ->Right Mouse Button

I make heavy use of RMB Menu or MMB Menu or Drag&Drop in this release !!!


  1. like pick walk for nurbs (select the vertex in the asked direction )
  2. works on vertex(s) or face(s)
  3. its place in selectionMM on MMB


split loop
  1. option Box
  2. afterSplitAction : None , select New edge or select New vertex
  3. Manipulator : Bias Manipulator
loop Selection
  1. Bug fix in loop edge selection , work very well now ;)



for any suggestion mail me at xteo@xteo.com